I Know What You Podcasted Last Summer EP5: Happy Death Day (2017)

Have you ever wondered what ‘Groundhog Day’ would be like if the groundhog was a baby-faced-masked killer and Bill Murray was a college girl who keeps reliving her birthday – and her murder? Then you, dear listener, are in luck because that’s the plot of ‘Happy Death Day’, Blumhouse Productions latest horror hit!

The IKWYPLS crew hit the theaters on opening night – which just happened to be Friday the 13th – for this fun little frightfest. And now we are talking all about it, from favorite death scene to the baby mask to female empowerment! You’ll want to listen to this podcast over and over… and over… and over…

Plus, we offer up our own selections of films that could get the horror treatment! ‘Bloodbath At Bernie’s’ anyone?

Music used in this podcast: ‘An Abandoned Ballroom’ by Lyndon Scarfe. ‘An Abandoned Ballroom’ by Lyndon Scarfe is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License, via Creative Commons [].

Written by Mary

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