Episode 133: Logopolis OR The Man Who Fell From a Radio Tower

Friends! We finally have a premiere date for Season 11 and that means we know just how many episodes we can review before then. Yes, the end (of the wilderness year) has been prepared for! This time John and Taylor tick off the Season 18 box (we’ve now done at least one for each season) and review the 4th Doctor’s swan song. Who is that creepy white harlequin shadowing them? And what does the Master want with the Logopolitans? Listen to find out and be sure to share us with your friends!

Details on the Season 11 Premiere
The 13th Doctor is Getting a Little Miss Book
Matt Smith is Joining Start Wars ep 9
BBC Heading to South Africa Comic-Con
In Memoriam: Jacqueline Pearce

Written by Taylor

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