Episode 221: The Robots of Death OR The Bicycle Reflectors of Doom

We Review The Robots of Death

Night of the Living Geeks · Click here to listen to Podcastica Episode 221: The Robots of Death OR The Bicycle Reflectors of Doom

The Doctor and Leela, having just faced down a crazy zealot with a glove for a helmet, land in a mine. Well, on a mine. Well, on a mining ship…er, mining tank? Anyway, they’re on this giant mining vessel (yes, vessel sounds good!) crewed by a small team of humans (who, if we’re being honest, have some of the most wild outfits!) and a much larger team of robots. However, under the surface (it’s a mine gag…), foul play is afoot as humans start dying off left and right. But who is behind these, ahem, Bad Robots? Can the Doctor and Leela save the day before everyone is marked by the bicycle reflectors of doom?

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Written by Taylor

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