Episode 181: The Face of Evil OR Glove Hat! Baby, Glove Hat!

Are you self-isolating comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Yes, it’s our first episode in what feels like two years (but has only been two weeks). We spend the first part of the episode catching up and looking at our new reality (probably more episodes!) and the dive into the debut of Leela and the fantastic story THE FACE OF EVIL! Join us, please! Share us with friends (at a safe distance, of course) and stay safe in the meantime!

Edward Russell has written about The Trip of a Lifetime
The Official Season 12 Sountrack Comes Out April 3rd
Hero Collector has Released a New Line of Chibi-style Doctor Who Pins
Anneke Wills Recounts Troughton’s Anxiety over Taking Over as Dr Who
Doctor Who Characters are Coming to Roblox
Soundtracks for The Sun Makers and The Visitation are Coming
Big Finish Has Temporarily Suspended Recording Sessions

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Written by Taylor

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