Episode 284: A Good Man Goes to War OR I Would Like to See the Baby

The Doctor & River standing next to the Doctor's bassinet at Demon's Run.

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to Podcastica Episode 284: A Good Man Goes to War OR I Would Like to See the Baby

The whole first half of Season 6 has led up to this! A GOOD MAN GOES TO WAR! The Doctor raises an army of friends and cameos and callsback to earlier in the season to storm Demon’s Run to rescue Amy and her baby! But twists and turns abound in the Season 6 mid-season finale (remember when those were a thing?)! Join us for a romp through this adventure and then seek out Episode 205 for Let’s Kill Hitler and the come back in two weeks for Night Terrors!

Series 15 is due to start filming this October
Extras have apparently been playing Time Soldiers in the Series 14 finale
Recent filming in Cardiff featured Ncuti and Bonnie Langford on a scooter
Pull to Open is a new book coming later this month that details the creation of Doctor Who
We Won’t Have a Five-ish Doctors Sequel for the 60th

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Written by Taylor

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