Episode 285: Night Terrors OR The New 2011 Nissan Tenza!

Those creepy peg dolls!

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Well, reviewing Night Terrors led us to an interest debate that we’re going to take up closer to Halloween: what’s the scariest episode of Doctor Who? Because Taylor definitely thinks this story could take the cake! Between the various tropes. a possible homage to Poltergeist, the transition to Peg Doll effects, and lots of spooky directorial choices…Night Terrors definitely rates high on the Behind the Couch scale!

Heading to SDCC? Don’t Expect a 60th Anniversary Panel
In fact, SAG-AFTRA striking may affect any pickups or ADR that might be needed for Series 14
Season 20 will be the next season of Classic Who to get the blu-ray treatment!
The 60th anniversary specials will be getting the Target novel treatment
Catherine Tate is going to star in a West End production that involves the Enfield Poltergeist

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Written by Taylor

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