Episode 287: Closing Time OR Semisonic Screwdriver

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“Closing time! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!”

Actually, wait, no you can stay here! In fact, we’d prefer if you stayed here and listened to our review of the 6th season episode “Closing Time!” Yes, it’s James Corden. Yes, the Doctor talks to a baby. Yes, we kind of wonder why we see Amy & Rory at all. But there’s also ruminations on what Carpool Karaoke would be like on a Cybership and the power of parenthood to pull you through tough situations!

Great news! More missing adventure animations are coming!
If you need a chart of missing episodes, here it is!
Gallifrey One has dropped their mid-summer update (but no guests yet)
CultBox interviewed Paul Haynes, author of Pull to Open
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Written by Taylor

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