Episode 300: Planet of the Spiders OR The Fast and The Whovious!

Planet of the Spiders

Night of the Living Geeks · Podcastica Episode 300: Planet of the Spiders OR The Fast and The Whovious

On the surface, Planet of the Spiders is another 6-part story that probably would be better served as four. However, as a send-off for Jon Pertwee’s Doctor, it’s an absolutely bonkers adventure full of karate chops, Palpatine-esque lightning, a huge car chase, crazy Halloween-castoff spiders looking to rule the universe, callbacks to The Green Death and Jo, and so much more! So if you’re on your way to Gallifrey One or just need to escape the world for an hour, join us for our 300th episode and Planet of the Spiders!!

Michael Jayston, The Valeyard, has passed at age 88
RTD gives a little update on the 2025 series
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Written by Taylor

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