Episode 298: The Mind of Evil OR Very Maybe!

The Mind of Evil

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The Mind of Evil might just be Doctor Who at its greatest attempt to be an action-adventure show with a little bit of science fiction thrown in! The story is split between Stangmoor Prison and a Peace Conference for which UNIT is providing security (except for when everyone races off to the prison for the back half of the story). The Master has built a machine to harvest evil feelings, but also wants to steal a missle and blow up the conference! Looks, there’s really a lot going on here and we haven’t even gotten to the dragon…so get ready for some great faces from Pertwee and let’s dive in!!

One Final Round of Gally Guests
Season 15 will be the next season to get the blu-ray box set treatment
Cultbox looked at the curious timeline of Mrs Flood
And here’s confirmation that Season 14 will take a turn into the supernatural
Apparently having all of Doctor Who in one place will break records!

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Written by Taylor

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