Episode 1: Let’s Get Our Booze and Do This!

Welcome to This is Where It Gets Complicated, a new Doctor Who podcast hosted by John (NotLG Network), Lauren (Doctor Who Companion Show on, A Madman with a Box Podcast), & Mike (The Time Scoop). This monthly podcast features short segments discussing various aspects of the Doctor Who universe. In this first episode we begin a dive into the world of Torchwood, debate which Doctor has the best costume in our Costume Showdown tournament, and take a look at “Technophobia” in Finish at the Finish, our Big Finish audio play review.

In future episodes we’ll be incorporating additional features like convention reports, interviews, cosplay talk, and other wacky stuff along the way. Let us know your thoughts on this episode and what you would like to hear in the future!

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Mentioned in this Episode:
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The Time Scoop Podcast
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Written by John Pingel

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