Jjrunkcastgaming Ep:23 Things that go SPLAT in the night

Welcome to another episode of Jjrunkcastgaming! In this episode, Jim Joel and Joe dive deep into the graffiti world of Splatoon 2, the dark deep woods of Friday the 13th on PS4 and the ever- looming Doomfist! Join us for the epic tale of all things video games as we make connections between video games, real world issues, and what matters most, YOU the listener! We are also going to be rolling out some excitingly funny stuff as far as streaming goes! New, improved and ready to make you pee your pants! Enjoy a Liverquaker (one part Tequila, one part Mandarin soda, and one part lemonade monster), kick back and enjoy responsibly!

Written by Joel


S02E41: Helllooooo Megan