Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Trailer Response


From the second John Boyega popped up to the moment the Millennium Falcon flies through the TIE Fighters, I had a full on raging nerd boner. And I’m sure, just like most of you with your raging nerd boners, I watched this trailer over, and over and over.

Watching the trailer on the phone when I go poop, popped it up on the Roku for full HD lightsabery ecstasy and even forced friends and family to view it multiple times during a post-Thanksgiving Hockey Holiday party.


Trailer Thoughts

Now, while the trailer is less of a trailer and more of a teaser showcasing different scenes from the film it got my mind reeling with anticipation.

I know the internet is ablaze with this hate for John Boyega as a stormtrooper, especially since he’s the first black stormtrooper.

That’s dumb.

We have so much reference from the Classic Trilogy because all of those stormtroopers walked around without their helmets.

Remember this iconic scene where stormtroopers are standing in the Death Star?

Who cares!!!
Are they black, or white?

Who cares! It’s an Imperial army where candidates are recruited, so anyone can be a stormtrooper if their evil hearts so desire!

Personally, I am super stoked for John Boyega to take over as the lead. Hell, I haven’t even seen Attack the Block, the film which inspired JJ Abrahms to hire Boyega as his leading man, and I’m stoked for Boyega!

What I truly loved about the trailer was how familiar set pieces now have an updated look. Stromtrooper armor and weapons have been updated, fight pilot uniforms have been updated. The X-Wings have a new sleek design. The Falcon has some updates, and Han finally replaced that radar dish that Lando PROMISED NOT TO SCRATCH. Come to think of it – the only thing that looked the same was the TIE Fighters.

Dat broadsaber doe

At first, I figured the voice over was DEFINITELY Benedict Cumberbatch, alas, Andy Serkis confirmed that he is the voice – which is still bad ass.

Even without spoilers, I’m super excited at the thought of the Force causing some sort of awakening or cosmic event. I feel like this is going to throw a wrench in everyone’s plans and make for some awesome struggles.


Spoiler Reactions

I’m not afraid spoilers. The way I see it, it’s one thing to know the path, it’s another to walk it. With that, I do respect that people wish to remain spoiler free. While I will only share a link to the spoilers I’ve read – I won’t go into detail here.

That may be a future post. 😉

However, I must say, that these rumors were very, very well crafted. They were definitely written with all the the leaked concept art and previous rumors in mind – making these leaks seem to flow together effortlessly.

And if any thing, they’ve gotten me even more excited for this film!

If you’re adventurous like I am, and want to check out the spoilers, hit up this Reddit thread.

Written by Devo

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