Episode 127: Arc of Infinity OR Time Lord Collusion Witch Hunt!

John and Taylor are back from an unplanned extra week off, but it feels so good to get back into some Classic Who! This time, we review the 5th Doctor story “Arc of Infinity!” Omega is influencing Gallifreyan High Council politics and one of them is clearly colluding with the anti-matter baddie. Who is it? Why are they doing it? How deep does the corruption go and why does the Doctor need to die? We subpoena absolutely nothing and dive into the first story of Season 20. Join us as we run through the streets of Amsterdam with a molding version of the 5th Doctor!

Doctor Who will have a presence at SDCC this month
Hinchcliffe shares his plan for Season 15
Segun Akinola announced as new composer for Doctor Who
Segun Akinola’s Soundcloud
SPOILER! Footage of S11:E1 leaked
BBC going to court to find the source of the leaked footage

Written by Taylor

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