Episode 159: The Androids of Tara OR Not the Romandroids You’re Looking For

We’re into the back half of the Key to Time series and this time John & Taylor find that, on the whole, the series stumbles a little with The Androids of Tara. There are some good parts, certainly, but there is also much that our duo wonder “Why’d they do it that way?” Either way, they find the best bits and suggest changes to improve the rest! Come check it out, please subscribe & rate the show, and listen to the end to see if you can help us on a quest!

The Trial of a Timelord is COMING TO BLU RAY
New toy options are coming to B&M stores in the UK soon
For the 10th anniversary of The End of Time, it’s coming to theatres
Doctor Who: Star Tales is coming in December 2019

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Written by Taylor

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