Episode 160: The Power of Kroll OR The Jolly Green Giant of Boggy Creek

We are nearly through The Key to Time series! This time, John & Taylor review The Power of Kroll and find themselves an absolute banger! Not the story, though it’s rather enjoyable, but that Kroll chant! They desperately want to find a fan who is comfortable creating beats and who is will to help us craft a dancefloor jam to honor Kroll! We have lots more to say, so grab your green paint, settle in, and press play!

Big Finish is planning a 20-hour livestream to celebrate their 20th anniversary
Big Finish is also releasing a 4th Doctor adventure on vinyl (and you can only get it at Sainsbury’s)
Let’s take a moment to celebrate Jon Pertwee’s 100th birthday!

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Written by Taylor

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