Episode 158: The Stones of Blood OR The Sisterhood of the Traveling Rocks

Aggrocrags return! John & Taylor continue their review of the entire Key to Time series with The Stones of Blood! We already loved the two stories before this and Stones only builds on what could be considered peak Classic Who! The hunt for the Key to Time takes the Doctor and Romana to Earth where everybody must get stooooned! And by stoned we mean, devoured by living stone from an alien planet that’s being controlled by a villainous woman from another planet who’s masquerading as a geologist’s assistant. Oh, and eventually justice sparkles from hyperspace…glittering in hyperspace…arrive to debate legal theory!

Paul Darrow who was in Doctor Who & the Silurians, Timelash, and Blakes 7 has passed at age 78
The Faceless Ones is the next missing story to get an animated release
A number of classic stories are going to be re-released in the US via the BBC shop

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Written by Taylor

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