Episode 15: Last Christmas OR It’s a Long Story

John and Taylor are joined by Lauren Bancroft as they set off on an adventure to recreate their missing episodes! First up, Episode 15: Last Christmas!
The Doctor and Clara find themselves in a dream…which is a dream…inside a dreamworld of dreams…which is not so much adjacent to, but rather inside a dream. And this dream is run by facehugging dream crabs that themselves have rather gingerly skirted copyright infringement from the Alien franchise and are busy treating their subjects as tasty cherry brain slurpees. So it’s up to them to find a way to escape from this dream-ception and figure out if the tangerine is still spinning or has fallen over.

The BBC & HBO incurred the wrath of fandom & the internet by announcing that Modern Who will now stream exclusively on HBO Now
Character Options has revealed their exclusive B&M collection of toys
The 9th Doctor comes (sort of) to Big Finish
BBC Books is publishing a new collection of spin-off stories from famous episodes.
Paul Dykes created a photo project inserting Police Boxes into where they used to be in England

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Written by Taylor

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