Partying on the Donut Boat

Grab a parka big enough to hide your shoulder holster, because we’re headed to Berlin, circa 1989! This week we read THE COLDEST CITY by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart, a black and white graphic novel about the Cold War that inspired the new Charlize Theron spy thriller Atomic Blonde!

The Berlin Wall may soon topple, and Lorraine Broughton is tasked by MI6 to investigate the mysterious death of a coworker who was chasing a secret list filled with the names of spies on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

Obviously we’re going to compare a story about a lady spy with podcast favorite comics like QUEEN & COUNTRY and VELVET, as well as movies like Salt. How will COLDEST CITY stack up? And how does it compare with the trailer for Atomic Blonde? Be sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming special episode reviewing the movie!

Join us as we discuss all of them, along with Jacque’s visit to SDCC and her nearly close encounter with GAL GADOT! This week’s GameBangers features B and Jacque doing their best to get on the board, while Monica attempts to extend her lead to 3-0-0!


In the Bullpen
Justice League trailer
Black Panther trailer
Thor trailer
Charlize Theron’s Women Who Kick Ass panel @ SDCC
Atomic Blonde trailer!!!!

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THE COLDEST CITY by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart

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Written by Beatrice

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