Too Many Donuts

When Carol Danvers got her promotion from “Ms” to “Captain” back in 2014, all of us were immediately drawn to this new version of a classic character. She was brave, she was smart, she was reckless, and she was brilliant.

It’s been a few years, and Carol’s put some mileage on her new boots. In the uncertain days after the events of CIVIL WAR II, how is Carol coping? What are her next steps? And will we want to walk them with her anymore?

It’s never easy to follow a big act, and the version of Carol Danvers put forth by Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez changed how the entire world viewed Carol Danvers, and earned a permanent place in our fangirl hearts. Can this new version in the pages of Margaret Stohl and Ramon Rosanas’ MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL fly out of the long shadow cast by her predecessor?

What do you think, listeners? Are you still proud members of the Carol Corps? As always, we welcome your thoughts. Please send them care of Alpha Flight Space Station, where we’ll be setting up our new recording studio.



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Written by Beatrice

Episode 139: The ZiggleTaker

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