Walking Box of Hormones

Hello Listeners!! The Girls are pretty excited to bring you two books starring the indomitable and charmingly annoying Kate Bishop, Marvel’s Other (Better) Hawkeye! We meet her first in Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie’s YOUNG AVENGERS Vol 1. Kate wakes up somewhere new–a SPACESHIP–with someone new–he looks great in boxer briefs and loves Doo-Wop–and is drawn into a fight with Wiccan, Hulkling, Kid Loki, and new friends Marvel Boy & Ms America. Though she is used to team-ups and fights for the planet, Kate may not be prepared for this battle; she and her fellow young Avengers must fight against evil versions of their own parents to free Earth from the clutches of an all-controlling alien race.

A few Comic Book Years later, we follow Kate to the Best Coast as she becomes Venice Beach’s newest private investigator in Kelly Thompson & Leonardo Romero’s HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP Vol 1. What seems to be a routine stalking case suddenly involves a dive off the Venice Pier, way too many weirdos in masks, and a fight with the MRA Hulk. But true love (and plenty of arrows) saves the day, and while it’s no West Coast Avengers, Hawkeye finds a new crew to call her own.


In the Bullpen
Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disneyland
Baby Groot bread in California Adventure
New Mutants Movie
Legion tv show (FX)
Gifted tv show (FOX)
Black Lightning tv show (CW)
Supergirl (CW)

We Discussed
Crimson Peak
Only Lovers Left Alive
Kong Skull Island
Teen Loki
Fraction/Aja HAWKEYE run

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Written by Beatrice

S02E38: Tucker Needs To Die

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